1. Do the Ground Work:

According to Matt Heinz: Before you start any Marketing Strategy, you have to know why you are doing it.

A Good content strategy starts with the research, knowledge can be the best defense.  Knowing your customer, Understanding the target audience and the required communication strategy. Armed with the proper research, your content can be tailored to speak the real need.

2. Relevant Content:

First and Foremost the content should be relevant to the Subject / Problem statement that content is covering. If your Blog and other social post are not keeping the promise they make, the authority of ur Brand unavoidably drops. While creating the content, the focus has to be the benefit of the potential customer. If you gain the belief of the customer, You can build the trusted Brand and position as the trusted resource to them. Followed by the organic growth in Sales.

3. Choosing the Right Platform:

Getting the right content created will not be enough, but choosing the right platform adds a lot to the numbers. The demographic you wish to attract and the product and services you offer will decide the when and where you should put the content to gain the more traction. The platform needs to be evaluate

4. Building Trust:

Whether a brand is 100 years old or a new brand, it has to keep building the trust within the customers and need respect and support of your customers. A strong relationship with the influencers ensures the high credibility of the brand, while trust among your customer builds positive word of mouth.

5. Analytic:

Once you have been putting content for 1-2 months, Its time to analyze what’s working what isn’t.

You have to analyze the kind of engagement you have been getting on your content, If you are posting day after day and not receiving any engagement, something is amiss with your strategy.

Analytics is the key to success of your content marketing efforts. So, review them often and adjust properly.



1. Don’t forget the Title:

On an average 80% of people only read Headline copy, only 20% will read the rest.

Effective headlines cut through all the waffle in an exciting way.  They often contain simple, concise facts or statistics. For example, if your article is about dog

  • Ways To Encourage Your Dog To Do things ( It lacks the impact of bold headlines)
  • 10 Top Tips For Training Your Dog (It goes straight to the point)

Think of any popular website. They all have popular articles and less-than-popular articles, due almost entirely to the ability of a headline to compel readers to click.

2. Setting once and forgetting:

Content is constant. Unlike the print ads and billboards of yesteryear, you can’t set up your campaign and let it run untouched for weeks or even hours at a time. Consistent, real-time engagement is critical in leading the brand conversation in your space. Being mindful of the relevancy and timing of your content will lead to gains in user interactions and brand engagement.

3. Don’t ignore the audience:

Great content marketing is about education. It’s about teaching. And it’s about good old-fashioned communication. To be great at content marketing, the focus has to be about the reader, and not the company or writer.

Businesses have an inherent – and justified – fear of the all-powerful negative review, the enraged blog comment, and the nasty rebuttal retweet. But there should be no fear, letting your customer speak their mind is healthy and sometimes even helpful to address their problems.

4. Don’t  be a sleazy salesperson: 

The ultimate end-goal of all marketing is to drive sales; content marketing is just another way to guide prospects through their buyer’s journey. But it is different in the sense that it should be used to educate, entertain and inspire buyers to take action.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and do your best to make it valuable to them. Make what you have to say compelling, enlightening, even inspirational. People want to feel inspired, to be that hero that brings a new solution to their workplace. Make them understand why it should be your solution.