Grow your small business with Micro Influencers.

Are you ready to power-up your sales and business expansion? One of the most important, effective and proven methods to boost your sales is leveraging the Influencer Marketing Campaigns. It’s one thing, that you love your product, and then there is an Influencer who starts to speak or review about it. With a little assistance from an Influencer, you have the access of an enormous audience.

It is not necessary for an Influencer to have a celebrity status, in order to be most effective and gather maximum eyeballs. In this article, we will highlight how to use the power of micro-influencers to boost your small business.

Micro-influencers vs. macro-influencers

Micro-Influencers are defined as Influencers with 10,000 or fewer followers, however their influence can be as effective as macro Influencers. Although the audience for micro-influencers could be small, they are loyal, 100% engaging and staunch followers. Moreover, in comparison to macro-influencers, the micro-influencers are more cost effective, and are willing to collaborate with you.

Micro-Influencer Marketing and Small Business Growth

Here is a fact! According to a research, around 30% of consumers are interested and intend to buy products which are recommended by a non-celeb influencer. The reason behind this is simple! People prefer to see a simple and honest review from the person they truly trust.

Some of the top micro-influencers in India are mentioned below:

Sno  Name  Instagram Profile Followers  Engagement Rate
1 Anjali and Tanmaya 14296 65.68
2 Gurneet 19432 38.25
3 Mariette Valsan 15722 31.78
4 Manu Bisht 18785 20.76
5 Clementia 14502 14.67
6 Kunal and Sushmita 13988 13.74
7 Astha Jain 14483 7.83
8 Tokir Pahonchiya 14850 6.36
9 Atul Gupta 14451 4.9
10 Khuraijam 14346 4.3

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How to find micro-influencers

When you are looking for a Micro-Influencer, you look out for the platforms where they are most active, depending on their genre. For example, if you own a fashion and lifestyle brand, you would be searching on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook.

Again, to reiterate, size isn’t everything. Even though, a micro-influencer can have 10,000 or more followers, there are other factors as well, which needs to be taken into consideration:

  • Engagement: Having 10,000 followers is next to zero, if there is no engagement on your posts or sharing. While searching for Influencers, checkout their posts. What is the engagement rate? Are people showing reactions to their posts?
  • Audience Demographics: Now, this is the most important factor, as it is vital for the influencer’s audience to align with yours. For example, if your product is male centric, then you need to find influencers whose major audience is males, rather than females.
  • Presence: How is there presence? Are they family-friendly or more coarse.

In order for an influencer to be effective, they need to be fit. Their branding needs to align with yours, or as close as possible.



First impressions matter

Once the potential influencers have been finalized, the next task comes is making contact. Approaching a micro-influencer is more easier and less daunting, than approaching an A-List Celebrity, as it always says, First Impression Counts

You can do this in two ways:

1. Spend some time engaging with the influencer’s content on social media in terms of commenting and offering value to their community.

2. Send out a direct email or DM.

When you have finally made the approach, you need to be very brief and personable. Give your introduction and highlight what exactly are your requirements, explaining their benefit in it.

Working with an influencer

One thing you need to understand, no influencer is going to collaborate with you for free. While you can provide free gifts to the influencer, a financial incentive too should also be taken into consideration. It’s quite evident that Micro-Influencers are quite cost effective than Macro-Influencers. For Instance, a micro-Influencer charges 2k for 1 static post and around 5k for a video post.

Tip: Video posts are more effective than static posts in terms of audience engagement and reach.

It is because micro-influencers know their audience way better than you do, collaboration is the main ingredient for a successful campaign. Opening up to their suggestions is advisable as they know exactly the type of content works for their audience. You can also leverage their special skills like creation of video content, making podcasts, writing blogs etc.

You can think of different types of campaigns. Majority of marketers will go for giveaways contests, as they are popular and their benefits are not limited, they are extended to your influences and their followers as well. One more fact, Contests are extremely easy to conduct – you influencers only need to ask their followers to do some activity to grab the chance to take away your products.

Apart from Giveaways, free gifts too work well. Everybody loves free gifts, and if that free gift clicked the mind and heart of the influencer, they will be more inclined to post a review on their social media handles. And if they post, make sure to ask them to add a coupon code link.

Another option here we have is the sponsored social media content, however, it could be quite risky at times, because if a micro-influencer posts too much sponsored content, he may lose the trust of their followers. It is better to do some research on how regular the influencer posts such content.

You can successfully use micro-influencers to grow your small business

There is no reason why you can’t be successful with Influencer Marketing, if you are a professional, and you keep the approach to your influencer with a warm and friendly message. Once you have started the campaign, make it a habit to monitor it so you can analyse how to improve the metrics and get going with your next influencer.

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