Top 10 Tips to Increase Instagram Customers in 2021

Instagram, nowadays, is one of the most important and most famous social media platform, with its total active user count of more than 500 million. And with its user count increasing daily, it plays a vital role in Digital Marketing. So, if you own a shop, a small business or a very large business, Instagram is the best platform for you to get the most number of eyeballs. However, starting an Instagram page from zero and then increasing the followers is quite tough, as you need to establish a brand. Don’t worry!

In this article, we have penned down some tips to increase your Instagram customers. 

  • Keep consistent Postings:

Instagram has witnessed a drastic change in their algorithm. So, in order to secure a place in your customer’s feed, you need to be very proactive on Instagram. So, the first step, and also the most important thing you should do is keep posting and keep your profile updated. By doing so, your customer will remember your page.

There are various Instagram post schedulers that help you with daily postings. You can schedule your posts for days or weeks and these tools can post it accordingly. 

  • Create High Quality Posts:

Instagram is all about visuals. The better your visual design, the better your audience interaction and followers increase. Posting high quality photos and videos will stop your customer from scrolling down the feed. The best way to design a perfect feed page is to follow a consistent design. You can find a variety of templates from sites like Canva, Pickmonkey. 

  • Post on the best times:

Over-Posting on your page can lead to customers unfollow you. Instead, you analyze the peak time, when most of your customers are online, and post at that time to gain maximum reach. For Examples, Sundays are the worst time, as customers are busy enjoying their weekend. You can analyze the best time of posting in terms of likes and comments getting on your posts. 

If you have a business account, then you can check the post’s reach and insights by going on the profile and tapping on insights. 

If you want to check the post’s insights, select the post and tap on “View insights”. 

Another way to have a complete understanding of the insights is the Instagram analytic tools to discover your peak hours.

  • Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the same as keywords for a search engine. You can use hashtags to make your post discoverable, and also to reach out to new audiences. When you use hashtags, that post will appear on that hashtags page, hence the users can find your post by searching the hashtags, or by viewing the similar posts. 

Since 2018, audience can follow multiple hashtags, hence they can see your post, even without following you. 

Ensure that your account is public, in order to find new customers and audience through hashtag strategy. 

  • Create a Hashtag for your brand

By creating a catchy and unique hashtag for your business, people will become aware of your brand and your products. It would be favorable to keep the brand hashtag short and easy to remember. Use the hashtags on your posts and ask your audience and customer to use the hashtag in their posts as well. 

  • Use Instagram story, Live and IGTV Videos.

Instagram introduced its story feature in 2016, and garnered widespread popularity in no time. As of today, more than 500 million users use Instagram stories every day. Instagram Stories are one of the best ways to generate engagement and drive online sales. This features gives you advantage of using different kind of stickers like the poll stickers, emoji sliders, question box etc, which makes your story fun. Also, through Instagram stories, you can introduce your different products and showcase them on your page. 

Talking about Instagram Live, they are important because of two main reasons: Firstly, your audience will get to know when you are going live, by receiving a notification. Secondly, when you go live, you tend to appear on top of your customer’s story list. It makes them remember your account, even if they don’t watch your video. 

  • Create Engagement with your followers in form of contests and giveaways:

Having contests from time to time is another best way to gain more new followers. All you need to do is set conditions such as: Like, comment and share or tag your friends for the giveaway and ask your followers to participate in the contest. Don’t forget to create a hashtag for your giveaway to get more reach. 

TIP: Set a time limit on your giveaway which will create a sense of urgency for your followers. 

  • Put up a perfect Instagram Bio

The first thing that a new user will check upon arriving at your profile is your bio. Having a perfect bio section, increases the chances of converting the profile checkers into profile followers. You can define your products and your business in your bio and put a link of your website for easy navigation. You can also implement call to action for your followers on your profile, like asking them for UGC content, visiting your website or purchasing. 

  • Use your links:

If you are using Instagram for quite a long time, then you would have noticed that the only place in Instagram where you can put a link is your bio section. This link enables you to drive your Instagram traffic to your website, shop, blog etc. 

Instagram provides you with a swipe up link option on your stories; the condition is you need to have 10,000 followers or more. This feature is perfect for announcing new products, offerings and giveaways. 

TIP: Design a landing page, if you want to have more than 1 link on your bio. 

  • Connect with Influencers

The possibility of purchasing a specific product increases, if it is recommended by an Influencer. That is why connecting with an Instagram influencer will help in growing your account. You can connect with various Influencers, who are related to your business, and ask them to try different products, and give a shout out on their Instagram story or post, if they really liked it and are interested in it. 

If you have a limited budget, then you should work with micro or nano influencers. 

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