Top Influencers Top Ten Foodie Influencers on Instagram

Here at Neoreach, we have come up with a list of the top 10 foodie influencers on Instagram for 2017. These influencers have been noticed globally by a variety of people. These influencers all have huge followings with dedicated subscribers, which has helped land them on this years top 10 lists.
These food enthusiasts’ foodstagrams will make anyone’s mouth water. From healthy to fried food, these accounts have it all. The food seen on these handles won’t fail to either satisfy your cravings or make you hungrier than before. Wherever you are in the world, these accounts can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s sweet or savory.
Using the Neoreach tool, we chose the top 10 foodie influencers on Instagram based on the measurements in cumulative reach, audience, and engagement data that each of these influencer’s exhibits.
At the end of this article, you can request a spreadsheet with the top 10 foodie influencers on Instagram that you’ll find here.
#1 Influencer: Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver Influencer Data CardThis world renowned chef not only posts pictures of delicious looking foods, but he also teaches you a thing or two in the kitchen. Jamie is well known for being a proud dad, and a fantastic chef. The food pictures on his instagram are almost always creations made by him. The recipes can be found in any of his multiple cookbooks on Amazon.
A massive 12% of Jamie’s reach is in London, with 36% being in the UK. 34% of his followings are male, and the other 66% are females. One of Jamie’s top posts on Instagram which received 79,091 likes was a picture of an amazing looking Italian pizza with mozzarella cheese, spicy salami, tomato, basil, and courgette whose recipe can be found in Jamie’s Italy Cookbook.
#2 Influencer: Deliciously Ella
Deliciously ella Influencer Data CardElla is a food lover and entrepreneur, and strives to make eating healthy fun and embracing. Ella’s posts on instagram are different than most foodie accounts due to her lack of unhealthy food pictures. Ella too has a cookbook for healthy recipes that are mostly plant based, gluten free, and refined sugar free.
61% of Ella’s followings are seen by people who are married, and 22% of her reach is seen by people with kids. A whopping 63% of her audience location is located in the United Kingdom with an additional 15% located in the United States. One of Ella’s top pictures on Instagram received 17,588 likes, and was a picture of food she had gotten in Italy that featured ingredients such as avocado and tomatoes.
# 3 Influencer: NewForkCity
new fork city Influencer Data CardNewForkCity is founded by three friends who aim to share their love for food with the world. Most of the food found on the NewForkCity Instagram Page can be found (wait for it) in New York City. The food posts found on this page are any American or Italian food lovers biggest dream. 26% of NewForkCitys audience location is located in no other than New York City, with 74% of its total audience location located in the United States. 78% of the audience seen on NewForkCity are females, with the other 22% male.
NewForkCitys top post was a wholesome grilled cheese that looks grilled and crisped to perfection, this post received 26,082 likes on Instagram. If you’re craving anything from a pizza burger to cereal infused soft serve this is the page to go to.
# 4 Influencer: TheNaughtyFork
the naughty fork Influencer Data CardSam Schnur is a Miami food fanatic also known as the creator of the Instagram account. TheNaughtyFork posts amazing looking foods she indulges in from Miami. Sam also posts about what food people send in to her that’s just too delicious not to be seen by the public. Nearly three quarters of Sam’s audience age is between the ages 17-24 totaling in at 74%. 6.5 percent of her reach is located in Miami, and 66% of her total audience reach is found in the United States.
Her top post which has received over 14,000 likes is a homemade four-cheese mac and cheese angus beef burger topped with applewood smoked bacon bits, and served on a mouthwatering pretzel bun. If you’re from Miami and are looking for food that will make a great picture, and taste wonderful TheNaughtyFork is the Instagram page to visit.
# 5 Influencer: HungryTwins
HungryTwins was created by a pair of identical twins who both share a love for food. Most of their posts are reposts sent in from other people, but photo credits are always given to the people lucky enough to have their food posted on this instafamous account. 55% of the audience location of HungryTwins is seen in the United States. 76% of HungryTwins reach are females, and the other 24% are males.
One of HungryTwins top posts is a perfectly toasted chocolate chip cookie s’mores sandwich. This picture received a total of 15,535 likes on Instagram, which increases each day. If you’re looking for your crazy delicious food to get noticed sending a pic into HungryTwins is definitely your best bet.
# 6 Influencer: DailyFoodFeed
daily food feed Influencer Data CardDailyFoodFeed is another foodstagram account that never misses out on a chance to post pictures of crazy unique foods, and to let everyone know what national food day it is. This account has originality due to pictures of food you normally wouldn’t see on your average Instagram account; they also give photo creds to whoevers food they post on their instagram. They also post about food they’ve found themselves. 38% of their reach is seen by people between the ages 20-24, and 65% of their total reach is located in the United States.

One of DailyFoodFeeds top posts was originally in honor of national fried chicken day, and featured a spectacular looking beer battered fried chicken sandwich with chopped lettuce, pickles, and miso ranch, served on a buttered Hawaiian roll, with a side of thinly cut french fries. This delicious dish received 17,319 total likes on Instagram.
# 7 Influencer: Foooodieee
foooodieee Influencer Data CardFoooodieee is run by Tessie Gluck, her foodstagram specializes in mostly all things dessert. Tessie travels the world indulging in deliciously sweet foods; she also reposts food sent in to her by her fans. 32% of Foooodieees audience age are people between the ages 20-24. 40% of the Foooodieees audience are married, with the other 60% single.
Foooodieees top post on Instagram received 19,887 likes, and showcased a double nutella burger with powdered sugar donuts stuffed with a thin layer of nutella. If you think your dessert could be Foooodieee account worthy, they are always taking submissions at or by using the hashtag #foooodieee.
# 8 Influencer: PinchOfYum
pinch of yum influencer data cardPinchOfYum is created and founded by Lindsay Ostrom. All of the food Lindsay posts about are her own creations, and the recipes to them can usually be found in the comments section below the picture. A lot of the food seen on Lindsay’s account PinchOfYum are healthier home cooked options compared to other foodstagrams. 37% of Lindsay’s audience age are people between the ages 30-34. 36% of Lindsay’s reach was seen by parents and the other 64% of people with no kids.
Her top post was a video cooking tutorial on Instagram, where Lindsay taught her followers how to make an avocado egg salad with herbs, lemon juice, and salt and the best part, no mayo! This video has received 11,127 likes on Instagram so far.
# 9 Influencer: FoodInTheAir
food in the air influencer data cardFoodInTheAir is probably the most unique foodstagram you’ll see on Instagram, not only does FoodInTheAir post pictures of incredible food, but also each picture of food is taken behind a backdrop of an exquisite scenic view, hence “Foodintheair.” 82% of FoodInTheAirs reach is located in the United States, and 12% of that 82 is located in New York City. 75% of FoodInTheAirs reach are females, and the other 25% are male.
One of FoodInTheAirs top posts was a picture of a meat and cheese platter overlooking the ocean and homes sitting on the European cliffs. This picture received received a total of 12,740 likes on Instagram. If you’re looking for not only a taste of incredible food, but also a taste of the world FoodInTheAir is the account for you.
# 10 Influencer: SpoonUniversity
spoon university Influencer Data CardSpoonUniversity is a foodstagram directed mostly to college kids. They can be seen posting reviews of food and college eating tips on their Instagram accounts. 55% of SpoonUniversitys audience age are people between the ages 17-24, which fits the college demographic. Surprisingly 52% of SpoonUniversitys audience is married and the other 48% single.
SpoonUniversitys top post on Instagram received 5,963 likes and featured an adult PB&J sandwich with extra jelly and extra peanut butter, which looked delicious. Next time you’re in a college town and want to satisfy your taste buds with amazing food SpoonUniversity is the account to go to.

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