What is Influencer Marketing In 2020?

Influencer marketing has been enormous over the last decade. So colossal, that today it’s difficult to envision social media feeds without influencers. Influencer content creator reigns supreme as the fastest developing channel for client procurement.

So, if you are new to Influencer Marketing content creation services and aren’t quite sure “What is Influencer Marketing in 2020”, then here is the right place for you.

Influencer Marketing 2020

At an essential level, Influencer marketing is a modern take on traditional online marketing that utilizes product reference from influencers (people who have experts in their niche and have large and captive social media audience).

The influencer marketing strategy works on account of the high measure of trust that influencers have developed with their audience. In exchange, they get an endorsement fee shared to their network along with non-sponsored content.

The influencer marketing platform holds two ways to promote the brand. One is social media marketing, and another one is content marketing. Though social media and content marketing often fit inside influencer campaigns, they are not synonymous with influencer marketing.

Value of Influencer Marketing

Influencer advertising is speculation, and to hit the nail on the head, you need to give time to approach the right influencer to promote content that takes the attention of your targeted audience. Some numerous figures and data demonstrate that influencer marketing is beneficial, worthy, and financial investment.

  • Over the decade, Google searches for “influencer marketing” have been rising to 1500%.
  • 80% of advertisers state influencer marketing is viable, and 89% state it works similarly too (if worse) than other marketing channels. 71% of market advertisers indicate the nature and reliability of clients, and traffic from influencer marketing is superior from the other sources.
  • 49% of buyers today rely upon influencer suggestions for their purchase decisions. 60% state they’ve been impacted by a reference when shopping in-store.
  • 48% of marketers working with influencers’ state that audience relationship are the most significant factor while thinking about which influencer to team up with.
  • The top three objectives of influencer marketing for organizations incorporate expanding brand responsiveness (85%), approach new audiences (71%), and producing sales and conversions (64%).

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Influencer Segmentation

Collaborating with the precise influencer will surely profit your business in numerous manners. Since the range of influencers has jumped off the roof, marketers are left with a gigantic pool to browse. The segmentation of influencers into various classifications can assist you in spawning awareness, engagement, and sales with influencer marketing.

Mega Influencer

One word to portray them: celebrities. They ordinarily have more than a million followers from various backgrounds and interests. They are not specialists in the business, yet one post from them can be an instant hit that sends the online community into havoc. Be ready to pay a hefty amount of fee in case you’re looking into partnering with mega-influencers.

Macro Influencer

With followers in the middle of 100,000 to one million, macro-influencers gain popularity through different online medium, either as v-loggers or content creators that produce content that reverberates with their audience.

Often, they have a large number of followers and come up with an expensive price tag. Additionally, with the rising “Fake” influencers, macro-influencers lamentably have a higher risk of being a piece of the influencer extortion.


Micro-influencers have the audience between 1,000 to 100,000. They frequently boast authentic, relatable, and quality content. They are experts in their niche and are generally viewed as industry specialists by their audience. Being in a stable relationship with their followers is the best thing about them.

Nano influencer

With the audience between 1000 to 5000, the motive behind nano-influencers is “customary” that can impact a product and service of the brand to their loved ones . They have the highest level of engagement as they have direct and personal interaction with their audience.

Influencers are setting the roots deep down, but how influencer marketing appears and works has changed a lot in a brief timeframe. This guide will assist you in getting started with building your strategy.

While there are some interesting considerations to working with influencers, VURoll, the content creation services is here to research,  set a financial limit, decide objectives, discover your influencers and audit and examine.

In the past decade, influencer marketing has evolved. The Branding and the product promotion tactics over social media have also developed so much. The Evolution in Influencer Marketing Trends 2020 will surprise you and ensures you to take right approach and align it with someone who shares the brand value and can influence their followers.