Innovative Instagram campaigns of 2020

Interesting topic, isn’t it? Instagram tops the list when it comes to social media promotions, be it influencer marketing or paid advertisement. It’s no longer just a social media platform, but a gateway to business growth for both small scale and large scale brands.

It’s 2021, and majority of people like Influencers, marketing individuals or agencies would be focusing on designing an engaging content for their audience. But before you start planning, let’s dig out some of the best instagram campaigns of 2020.

1.Hello BC’s #ExploreBCLater: 2020 proved to be a very rough and tough year for almost every industry, especially tourism. With travelling reduced to a drastic percentage, and all vacation plans getting cancelled, tourism industry suffered the major hit. But this tough time proved to be great opportunity for a leading tourism authority, Hello BC with their trending hash tag, #ExploreBCLater.

What they did?: Hello BC generated audience awareness content in the time of corona virus, encouraging users to take complete precautions and stay safe at home. Not only they spread awareness, they brought the travelling to instagram, asking users to share the journey through videos and images, and keeping this spots fresh in the mind.

What made it worked: The brand not only made extensive use of the platform, but also made use of their audience to generate user-generated content. This helped the brand to create attractive image library, but also helped other travel bloggers and influencers revamping their existing posts into fresh one.

2.Airbnb: Hospitality Industry and Tourism are connected; both get affected by the pandemic proportionately. With the pandemic, new hotel bookings are cancelled and the hotels are deserted just like the streets. But in these tough times, airbnb cracked a way to be in the social media limelight.

 What they did?: When pandemic resulted in hotel booking cancellations, airbnb offered free lodging facilities to covid-19 responders. This not only made them running but also helped them in improving their image.

What made it worked? During this time, airbnb showed that being connected to their audience will return you best advantages once the business is up and running.\

3.HBO: One of top television network HBO made a great use of this platform and getting themselves new customers.

 What they did?: HBO leveraged the use of social media channel and turned the bad time into a good time. They made use of a popular television show and made numerous people to register for their free trial and subscription.

What made it worked?: The lockdown time was utilized perfectly, as a lot of people stayed indoors to avoid the virus spread. They had ample amount of time for bing watching series. Also, free trials let often leads to conversions, as people get used to the particular facility.

4.Netflix: Next in our list is Netflix, which figured out an engaging way to stay connected with their audience during pandemic.

 What they did?: Corona virus not only brought the entire world into a standstill, but also spilled the beans of anxiety, depression and mental health. In this tough time, Netflix came with a helpful and innovative way to connect with their audience.

Netflix started Instagram Live series, where people have the opportunity to engage with mental health experts, getting some personalized tips and solutions to their problems. This personal connection helped the brand earn some loyal customers.

What made it worked?: Due to lockdown, the entire cycle of people turned, leading to anxiety, depression or mental health issues. Having mental health experts to answer your questions and giving tips to fight back does give them some support and improved the brand image.

5.EasyFone: India’s first kid’s phone. Specially designed to help your little stars be more safe, confident & responsible

What they did? Keeping kids safety on top priority during this pandemic , EasyPhone came with a campaign to promote the safety features of the kids phone .

What made it worked? The voice of young mothers along with the features of this phone were highlighted and how the mental peace can be maintained by keeping in constant touch with the young kids when they are not Infront of parent’s eyes, this acted as a third eye …

This campaign was successfully executed by influencers from kids and parenting genre through VURoll

These are some of the best trending campaigns on Instagram for 2020. These brands have learned how to channelize the platform and stay connected with your audience in tough times.