Importance of Influencer and Content Marketing

Influencer marketing/ influence marketing is a form of marketing which is about influential people rather than the target market as a whole. It first pinpoints those individuals who can influence the potential customers out there. The marketing activities are set around these influencers.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach to creating and spreading relevant, valuable, undeviating content to attract circumscribed interested people, and ultimately to gain profitable customers.

We can find a clear-cut difference between influencer marketing and content marketing. But both are very much valued by big as well as small brands. If we talk about business through the internet, it cannot be done without content marketing and along with that, influencer marketing plays a significant role. Both are essential keys to the same goal, i.e., to gain customers.

Instagram Influencer Tips

The growth of Influencer Marketing

Before the advent of smartphone and internet boom, business persons used to collaborate with well- known personalities to promote their products and services through advertisements in newspapers or on television. Now with 4 billion people across the world using the internet, it is inevitable that marketing had to change. Brands started choosing the common people with a good following on social media platforms.

Today, 70% of the millennial population is influenced by their peers while buying. This number is from a study by Collective Bias. The same study suggests that 30% of online consumers buy a product recommended by a person who isn’t a celebrity.

Between 2016 and 2017, more than 200 new agencies have been established, who focus on influential marketing. Studies and reports of an influencer marketing hub tell that 28℅ of marketers found it to be the fastest method to gain customers.

It is important to note that, without relevant content, influencers cannot have anything to promote. And without influencers, content creators won’t be able to convey their message effectively.

Let’s see how they are important

  • Both are complementary to each other, just like two sides of a coin.
  • Quality of content and performance of influencers play an important role in a marketing strategy.
  • Engaging content is the key to attract attention from readers.
  • The influencer and content creator is essential to any brand to build relationships for business.
  • Currently, about 67℅ of marketers promote content with the help of influencers.
  • About 49℅ people rely on influencers’ recommendations.
  • They keep the audience entertained as well as informed at the same time.

 Finding an appropriate influencer

One has to be like an X-ray detector, have to go through people and their profiles. You have to analyze, understand and find the one who fits the role.

While pitching influencers and content makers, you have to be a bit strategic and smart. You cannot hope that the one you are looking for will accept everything you tell, every term and condition you think.

You don’t have to make it like a puzzle, instead be more realistic and stick to the point. You have to build good relationships with them. You can suggest ideas too.

To get authentic brand credibility, traffic, sale boost, you have to meet influencer and content creator who are impactful.

The more a brand is on social media, the more weight it gets on Google.

User-generated content is 50℅ more trusted by the people on the internet than traditional media.

81℅ of Americans believe blog posts about a product or service.

50℅ of marketers intend to increase their influencer marketing the next year.

Garment store chains now partner with successful fashion bloggers to promote their stores.

67℅ of marketing professionals consider finding a relevant influencer the most significant marketing challenge.

Content creators say their most important method for vetting brand partnership by determining which opportunities are most relevant for their audience.

59℅ of micro-influencers believe Instagram to be the most effective social media.

The most preferred marketing campaigns are realistic, and they do not seem like regular advertising.